SMOK Spirals Sub Ohm Tank review

By | October 30, 2018

SMOK Spirals Sub Ohm Tank

The Spirals Sub-Ohm tank is a compact sub ohm tank from manufacturing powerhouses SMOK, which aims to provide a concentrated and highly flavoursome vaping experience. Dual core atomiser heads are utilized with eight wicking holes for faultless wicking, and an RBA coil head is included in the box for you to build your own coils with. Four adjustable airflow slots are present at the base of the tank, allowing you to really dial in your vape, and the Spirals Sub-Ohm tank has a 2ml capacity which is top filled.

You may be reading this and wondering what the vaping world is coming to when SMOK release a tank that isn’t designed to hammer as much wattage as humanly possible through it, but instead it actually focuses on providing a really flavourful vape at more moderate wattage, however the SMOK Spirals Sub-Ohm Tank might actually surprise you! It certainly did surprise me. Read on and find out why…


  • Dimensions: 1-15/16″ x 7/8″ (Including Drip Tip and Threads)
  • 22mm Diameter
  • 510 Threading
  • 2ml e-Liquid Capacity
  • Top Filling
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Four Bottom Adjustable Airflow Slots
  • Compatible with Spirals Dual Core Atomizer Heads with Japanese Organic Cotton
  • Eight Wicking Holes
  • Includes 1x Spirals 0.6ohm Kanthal Dual Core Atomizer Head for Variable Wattage (18 – 35W)
  • Includes 1x Spirals 0.3ohm Kanthal Dual Core Atomizer Head for Variable Wattage (20 – 45W)
  • Includes Spirals RBA Core for Single Coil Builds
  • Easy to Build Deck with Preinstalled 0.55ohm Kanthal Coil
  • 510 Drip Tip Compatible

What’s in the Box?

SMOK always tend to package their products in stylish and eye catching presentation boxes, and the packaging used for the SMOK Spirals Sub-Ohm tank is no different. Inside the box you get the SMOK Spirals Sub Ohm Tank, a Spirals 0.6ohm Kanthal Dual Core coil head, a Spirals 0.3ohm Kanthal Dual Core coil head, a Spirals RBA coil head with a 0.5ohm spaced Clapton coil installed, spare o-rings and screws and a spare glass tank section.

Design and Build Quality

The overall look and design of the SMOK Spirals Sub Ohm tank is quite unlike anything I’ve seen from SMOK recently. For starters it’s a small tank, quite unlike some of the beastly sized tanks they have put out recently such as the TFV8, manufactured from stainless steel with a glass tank section, featuring a 22mm width and a short 48mm height. The tank capacity measures in at a TPD friendly 2ml, with a top fill design that involves unscrewing the drip tip base to access the two large filling ports.

A delrin drip tip is included, which is a little on the tall side, however this can be swapped out for your own drip tip if you wish to change it. Heat fins are also present at the top here to help dissipate heat. At the base of the tank you have 510 threading with a fixed silver plated 510 connector. The threading is nice and smooth on the SMOK Spirals Sub Ohm tank, and it can be disassembled easily for cleaning or swapping your coil head out for a new one. The overall build quality is very good indeed, and I haven’t run into any troublesome faults with it.

I’m a fan of the way this smaller profile tank from SMOK looks, it’s been a nice fit for some of my smaller mods like the Aspire NX75 and SBody Elfin DNA75. Five different colour finishes on the SMOK Spirals tank are available for you to choose from, so you can choose a colour to accessorize with your favourite mod.

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Airflow on the SMOK Spirals Sub Ohm Tank consists of four 3mm x 1.5mm airflow slots, adjusted by a very smooth airflow control ring. This is some of the smallest airflow I’ve seen on a SMOK Sub Ohm tank, however with all four slots open it is still capable of producing some pretty impressive vapour. Closed right down, I’ve been able to get a MTL hit using a 1.2ohm build with the RBA coil head, which is almost unheard of with a SMOK tank these days!

SMOK Spirals RBA coil

Included within the retail kit is the SMOK Spirals RBA coil, which features two screws to trap your coil legs under, and it has a spaced 0.5ohm Clapton coil already fitted. Unlike a few other RBA coils that SMOK have produced, this one is actually pretty user friendly to build on and get to grips with.

There’s a decent amount of space present, and it’s easy to trap your coil legs down underneath the screws. An airflow hole is situated centrally on the deck, and you need to ensure that your coil sits over this, wicking holes are to be found either side. If you make sure your wick goes right up to the edge of the deck, covering the holes on the outer sleeve, you’ll find it wicks perfectly each and every time with no leaks or dry hits.


To start off with, I installed the Spirals 0.6ohm Kanthal Dual Core coil head, which has a recommended resistance range of 18-35W. At the 18W range, you get a tight draw suited to tighter airflow, and a loose MTL hit is achievable. If you prefer a more open draw with a warmer vape, then you will want to bump the wattage up to 30W and beyond. Although the coils are rated for use up to 35W, they are capable of being pushed to at least 40W. Overall, the flavour and vapour was very pleasing from these coils once I got over the 30W range.

Next up, I installed the Spirals 0.3ohm Kanthal Dual Core coil head, which has a recommended resistance range of 20-45W. At 20W, you get a subdued vape from this coil head, and if you prefer a more full on and intense vape, you are going to want to crank up the power to at least 35W. Personally, I use it at 45W, which gives me a rich vape full of flavour, and a decent amount of vapour with the airflow slots set to wide open.

The RBA coil is where I felt the SMOK Spirals Sub Ohm Tank performed best. The spaced Clapton coil build gives off a true rebuildable level of flavour, and I felt this outperformed the two pre made coil heads that are included with this tank. There’s a very good level of depth to the flavour found here, that is on par with many dedicated RTA’s that I have tried in the same price bracket.


I’ve been really pleased with the change in direction that SMOK adopted with the SMOK Spirals Sub Ohm tank, much like the SMOK Minos they have proven that they are more than capable of producing tanks that provide excellent flavour, rather than the huge airflow cloud chasing monsters they are notorious for releasing.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love my clouds, but I do like my vapour to have some flavour to it as well, and the SMOK Spirals Sub Ohm tank possesses a happy medium that suits my own personal vaping style pretty much perfectly. The flavour I got from this tank really is top notch!

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