Exceed NC with NotchCore Kit by Joyetech – iJust 2 hid in a new skin

By | November 27, 2018

The former popularity of the electronic cigarette iJust 2 decided to raise Joyetech , releasing Exceed NC with NotchCore Kit into the world of vaping .


A device chip is a tank that runs on serviced coils, which are referred to as notch coils.



Battery pack, atomizer, 2 NotchCoil head, 2 instructions for tank and pipe module, warning card. 

Height: 127.5 mm (with tank) 
Diameter: 22 mm 
Weight: 122 g

Information for information

Exceed NC is a starter kit that consists of a battery built into the case and an atomizer that runs on NotchCoil. It is made of stainless steel and comes in black, steel and white color (not all Chinese sites have white color).


Overview of the atomizer NotchCore

Just want to make a remark. A similar tank comes in the starter kit – Espion Silk . The tank on top has a 510 drip-type oring of delerin. He is kept in the top cap.


The top cover on the red arrow moves to the side, freeing the hole for refueling. The cap is connected to the evaporation chamber. The tank spins counterclockwise. To do this, take the right hand for the cap, and the left for the base and start to unscrew.



Height: 58 mm 
Diameter: 22 mm 
Volume: 2 ml

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NotchCoil is installed on the base. Just inserted. Remove them better with tweezers.


On the side of the base ring adjustment blower. Below is a brass pin, which has a slot in the middle, but this is not for adjustment. If necessary, you can tighten the pin if it is not too tight. This happens when the atomizer is new.

Pipeline Overview

From above 510 connector, pin podpruzhinivaet. Diameter mod 22 mm. There are no grooves on the connector platform, which means that if you strongly paravozit, then the tank can stick to the fashion.

Technical specifications:

Minimum resistance threshold: 0.15 ohm,

Battery Capacity: 2300 mAh

Protection: against overdischarge, overcharge, short circuit.


The body of the device is decorated with lines in the form of an ornament. In black color it looks especially impressive.

Fire button, under which the LED is installed. On the opposite side of the port for charging the device.

Below, in the very bottom of the hole for the conclusion of the gases.

There is no display, but by the level of illumination of the LED one can understand how much the rechargeable battery is charged.

So, if the LED shines exactly, then the charge is from 60 to 100%.

If it starts blinking slowly, then from 30 to 59%.

Blinking with some periods means that the charge is approximately from 10 to 29%.

If it flashes frequently, then from 0 to 9% and it’s time to connect the cable.

Turns on five times by pressing the fire button.


Overall impression

Exceed NC turned out on a light, hookah tightening. The battery lasts for a whole day. Zizka consumption averaged.

This is certainly not the TFV12 Prince , which simply destroys the liquid, but also not the Berserker MINI MTL RTA , into which it has been poured and forgotten, and if it is also a tobacco with a high content of nicotine, then it would be enough for the whole day. Here on the day, again as a hover, you will need to make 2-3 refueling.

The taste is, is revealed, though not in the same way as on drips. In any case, better than on the evaporators that stood in iJust 2.

Now It’s Available :

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